• Have you ever had permanent makeup on your eyebrows before? 

    • If, yes, you must text her a clear, close-up, picture of your brows with no makeup on them.  Please be aware, your old tattoo must be extremely (90%) faded for microblading to be able to cover it.  Please text: 623-703-7408.

  • Are you pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing?

    • You are not a candidate.

  • Do you have any scars in your brow area?

    • Depending on scar tissue, there is no guarantee the pigment will take.

  • Do you have a pacemaker/defibrillator?

    • You are unable to get the procedure done with numbing applied.

  • Have you ever had shingles on your face?

    • No exceptions...permanent makeup will not be performed as the procedure could cause a flare up.

  • Do you have trichotillomania (compulsive pulling of body hair)?

    • Due to constant pulling, scar tissue is prominent and pigment could not heal properly.

  • Do you severely oily skin & or very large pores on your forehead and brow area? 

    • The hair strokes can heal more blurry, solid or not retain at all & you might be a better candidate for a soft powder/shaded brow.  

  • Have you taken Accutane in the past 12 months?

    • You must be off 12 months prior to receiving the procedure (6 months with a doctor's note).

  • Do you work out 5+ days a week, with excessive sweating?

    • Your brows can fade faster and more frequent touch-ups will be needed.

  • Are you on thyroid medication?

    • Your pigment might not take well, fade faster and more frequent touch-ups will be needed.

  • Do you have Alopecia (hair loss due to autoimmune disease)?

    • Pigment might not retain well and strokes might heal more blurred and blended.

If you are a candidate after reading the above, please make sure you also read the Pre/Post Care instructions so that you are aware of the commitment.  Kristin takes tattooing your face seriously and wants to make sure you are fully aware.  Permanent makeup is a delicate process and to obtain great results, all instructions must be followed.

are you a candidate?

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